6 Common Sarasota AC Problems That Homeowners Experience

6 Common Sarasota AC Problems That Homeowners Experience

You get home from work and finally get to relax on the couch. When suddenly, you realize you’re sweating. Why isn’t your house cool?

Unfortunately, your AC system might not be working properly. This means you’ll need to hire a Sarasota AC repair company.

The first thing they’ll do is find the issue. After that, they’ll fix it.

The problem could be one of many things, and here are six common AC issues people experience in this area.

1. Loss of Power

Before you look for a Sarasota AC company to hire, check your system’s power. An AC system requires power to run.

A system can lose power if it comes unplugged. It may also lose power from a tripped circuit. If this is the issue, you can typically fix it without hiring a company.

2. Low Coolant

Air conditioner systems use a coolant to extract heat from the air. This coolant might be Freon, but there are also different types. When a system’s coolant level is low, it can’t cool the home properly.

Refrigerant leaks are difficult to find and will require hiring a professional Sarasota AC company. They must locate the leak and fix it. Then, they can add the correct amount of coolant.

3. Airflow Problems

Airflow issues also impede a system’s ability to cool a home. Airflow problems occur for numerous reasons, including dirty filters.

Replacing your system’s air filter is essential for airflow. It’s also helpful for saving money on your AC bills. A Sarasota AC company can also provide tips on saving money.

4. Frozen AC Coils

If you see water leaks or ice on your system, you might have a frozen AC coil. This problem commonly occurs from a lack of airflow or low coolant.

Frozen AC coils lock up the system, preventing it from cooling air. You’ll need Sarasota AC repair professionals to fix this issue.

5. Failing Capacitor or Compressor

A typical central AC system has many parts that can break. For example, a damaged compressor will interfere with the system’s cooling functions. The compressor circulates the coolant, helping the system cool the air.

A bad capacitor is another problem that can cause issues with an AC system. The capacitor triggers the AC system’s motor to run. Unfortunately, this part can wear out or break.

6. Broken Fan

Every central AC system also has a fan. The fan circulates the air, helping it expel the heat. You’ll find the fan in the outdoor part of your AC system.

When the fan stops working, the system shuts down. It cannot function without the fan.

A technician may need to remove debris from the fan if there is a jam. They may also need to replace it if it’s broken or worn out.

Hire a Sarasota AC Company for Repairs

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