Ask the Sarasota AC Experts: What’s Causing an Air Conditioner Rattling Noise?

Ask the Sarasota AC Experts: What's Causing an Air Conditioner Rattling Noise?

Florida is a challenging state for air conditioning units. Air conditioners aren’t designed to run at 72° degrees when the temperature is sweltering outside. Continually running your AC unit throughout the summer puts a lot of wear on it, resulting in various problems. 

A common problem many homeowners encounter is the air conditioner rattling noise. This blog will discuss what causes the issue and how to get Sarasota AC repair assistance. 


Air conditioning units are outside and are susceptible to external elements. The openings around the outside of HVAC units make it easy for the following types of things to get inside:

  • Dirt
  • Rocks
  • Twigs
  • Leaves

Foreign objects trapped inside your AC can cause a rattling sound and other HVAC problems. While the noise itself isn’t a major issue, the debris can cause damage and result in costly Sarasota AC repairs

Damaged or Bent Fan Blades

Your AC unit fan is essential for moving air around the condenser coil. The blades are comprised of thin steel or aluminum. A loose or misaligned fan blade can touch parts of the casing or frame as it spins, resulting in a scraping or rattling sound. 

Some reasons your fans might be bent or damaged include:

  • Improper installation or alignment
  • Foreign objects that fell in and damaged the fan blade
  • Wear and tear or age 

A Sarasota AC company can come to evaluate your unit, replacing the fan blade if necessary. They’ll also determine if the fan motor shaft was damaged or bent. 

Compressor Issue

The compressor in your AC unit is designed to circulate refrigerant. The refrigerant’s job is to keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months. Your air conditioner could be rattling because there’s an issue with the compressor. 

You might notice that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home like it normally does if the compressor is the culprit. A skilled AC repair specialist will need to come check out your unit as compressor issues can be challenging to diagnose. 

Loose Panels or Cover

Your AC cover panel might be installed incorrectly if you had it serviced recently. Machine screws or self-tapping sheet metal keep the cover in place. The vibration caused by the fan motor can cause the cover screws to loosen and begin to rattle. 

Many homeowners take it upon themselves to tighten the screws to quickly fix the problem. Some people find that the rattling sound persists even after this. A professional AC tech can examine your unit and see what’s causing the noise. 

Contact an Experienced Sarasota AC Repair Company

Don’t ignore the issue if you’re dealing with an air conditioner rattling noise. While the sound itself isn’t bad, the reason behind it could cause more damage to your unit than you want to deal with. A Sarasota AC repair company can diagnose the issue and get your air conditioner running smoothly again. 

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