How Our Sarasota AC Company Can Fix a Faulty HVAC Relay Switch

How Our Sarasota AC Company Can Fix a Faulty HVAC Relay Switch

Are you familiar with the lifespan of an AC unit? You may be surprised that AC units last 10 to 20 years and central AC units last 12 to 17 years.

Yet, while these expensive (and vital) home appliances can last a significantly long time, they don’t do so unless you properly maintain them.

One common issue you may face with your HVAC system that needs immediate repair is a faulty relay switch. Learn how our Sarasota AC Company can repair a defective HVAC relay switch below.

What Is an AC Relay?

A relay is an electrically operated switch. It is used in various applications where a circuit must be controlled by a separate low-power signal or where one signal must control multiple circuits.

In an HVAC system, the relay controls the electricity flow within the AC system. For example, when you turn your thermostat down to cool your home, the thermostat sends a low-voltage signal to the AC relay to notify the system to initiate cooling.

The relay switches on the larger current required to run the motors in the AC system, like the compressor and the fan.

There are several types of HVAC relays. They are as follows:

  • Contactor relay
  • Fan relay
  • Sequencer relay
  • Potential (start) relay

Common Signs of a Faulty HVAC Relay Switch

There are several signs that you have a faulty AC relay. They are:

  • The AC system is not turning on or off
  • The AC compressor fails to turn on
  • Frequent on/off cycling
  • Inconsistent cooling
  • Strange noises or smells
  • Overheating
  • Higher than usual electricity bills
  • Physical damage like corrosion to the coils or iron core

If you notice any of these signs of a faulty AC relay, you need our Sarasota AC repair services.

Why Is the Relay Not Working?

The AC relay can fail or blow for numerous reasons. Some common causes include:

  • Aging or general wear and tear
  • Electric overloads
  • Environmental factors
  • Poor manufacturing
  • Voltage fluctuations

If the AC system is not working correctly, turn it off to avoid exacerbating the problem and call our HVAC repair services in Sarasota.

How Our Sarasota AC Services Fix a Faulty Relay

After you call our company, an HVAC technician will check the faulty switch using a multimeter or voltmeter.

A multimeter measures whether the electric current flows consistently between the terminals. A voltmeter determines the voltage at each terminal to ensure each side of the relay has the same voltage.

If these tests show an inconsistent current or incorrect voltage, we will replace the relay switch, which should solve the issue. But, if the problem continues, we must inspect the rest of the HVAC system to find the root of the issue.

Since this inspection deals with handling the electrical components of the HVAC system, only a skilled professional should undertake the job.

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While our Sarasota AC Company can repair your faulty HVAC relay switch, our skilled HVAC professionals can do much more. Whatever HVAC issues you have, let us fix them.

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