Maximizing Energy Efficiency With Your AC in Sarasota

Maximizing Energy Efficiency With Your AC in Sarasota

It should come as no surprise that Florida is the third-largest consumer of electricity in the U.S., after Texas and California. Our scorching summers are no joke, and for most of us, the default response is to crank the air conditioner down as far as it will go.

However, those low temperatures can translate into high energy bills if you aren’t careful with your Sarasota AC! Instead, it’s crucial to maintain your unit’s energy efficiency all season long. If you’re ready to start saving, here’s what to know.

Choose the Right Temperature

Keeping the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures low is ideal for AC efficiency. Experts suggest keeping your thermostat at around 78 degrees in the summer. When your family is asleep or out of the house, that temperature should rise even higher.

Get a Smart Thermostat

One of the smartest moves for AC efficiency is to switch to a smart thermostat. This makes it easy to program your system according to the best practices above, making energy efficiency a no-brainer and keeping your Sarasota AC running costs low.

Seal Your Home

Letting your cool air escape your home is the last thing you want! Take time to seal gaps and leaks throughout your home, especially around windows, doors, and vents. Tools like caulk, weatherstripping, and door draft stoppers should be your new best friends.

Keep It Clean

Your Sarasota AC runs better when it’s not dealing with debris that can clog its system. Keep your exterior unit free of leaves and dirt, and clear your drain lines as needed. Don’t forget to change the filter on your Sarasota AC, too: you should clean or replace it at least once every 30 to 90 days.

Call a Sarasota AC Company

Regular Sarasota AC maintenance from a team of local experts can keep your system in top shape. Not only is this a great way to catch any small issues before they turn into major Sarasota AC repair work, but it can also bring down your energy costs. Aim to schedule a tune-up at least once a year.

Avoid Adding Warmth

Certain appliances can make your air conditioner’s job much harder. Though you might remember not to use your oven in the middle of a hot summer day, you should also avoid using things like your dishwasher, dryer, or even your washer when you’re using hot water. These appliances can raise your home’s temperature, so aim to use them in the evenings when your home is cooler.

Supplement Your System

There are plenty of small ways to keep your house cool beyond AC usage, and these efforts can help make your system’s job much easier. Use a ceiling or portable fan to help cool down, for example, or add an awning to shade your west-facing windows.

Get More Out of Your Sarasota AC

When you’re ready to reap the cost benefits of an energy-efficient system, trust us with your air conditioner!

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