Sarasota AC Company: The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Sarasota AC Company: The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

Florida is a lovely place to live, but having allergies in Sarasota can be a nightmare. The reason is that allergy season in the Sunshine State never truly ends.

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) stands between a comfortable existence and constant hay fever. Your Sarasota AC company does more than keep your air conditioning unit blowing cold air.

Sarasota HVAC services have a vital job, one we’ll discuss below in detail. Here is why indoor air quality is important.

What Is Air Pollution?

Air pollution is a change in inside or outdoor air through chemical, physical, or biological agents. These substances interact with and alter the air’s natural behavior. Here is a list of common pollutants:

  • Pollen
  • Dust (and dust mites)
  • Pet dander
  • Cat Siliva
  • Mold and mildew
  • Vehicle combustion
  • Industrial facilities
  • Forest fires

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no avoiding pollutants. Most of the world breathes in air exceeding WHO guideline limits.

Air Pollution and Your Health

Before discussing how your AC supports good IAQ, let’s get into how poor indoor air quality can harm your health. You know pollen can exacerbate allergies, but how else is air pollution bad for you?

Decreased IAQ can cause asthma flare-ups. Mold and dust mites are common asthma triggers. Below are other ways low IAQ can harm:

  • Throat and nasal illnesses (like scratchy or sore throat)
  • Home combustion devices (like stoves and heaters)
  • Sore and scratchy skin
  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Heart and lung complications
  • Fatigue
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Lung cancer

How bad your health gets depends on how long you’ve breathed bad air and your level of exposure. Think of it like this: You’re not likely to suffer from cancer if you’ve been breathing pet dander for 30 minutes.

However, breathing in coal particulates for years can increase your chances of lung cancer.

Air Pollution and Your HVAC

An AC improves IAQ by regulating temperature and lowering humidity. Sarasota HVAC services offer AC maintenance to keep your system running strong so you can breathe easily.

Air filter cleanings, in particular, are helpful. Air filters keep our particulates and other harmful substances so only clean, cool air enters your home. But, lackluster AC maintenance is as dangerous as air pollution.

A specific example of sickness dirty ACs can cause is Legionnaires disease. The illness is a kind of pneumonia that comes from water droplets containing Legionella bacteria.

Always make sure you have a strong and sanitary filter. Compatible air filters should have a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 13 to 14.

Enhance Air Quality With Our Sarasota AC Company

Keeping good indoor air quality isn’t the easiest task with so much air pollution. There are many sources, indoor and outside, that can reduce air quality.

Bowersox Air Conditioning and Heating will help you as best as possible. Bowersox offers its customers an honest and reliable service with our best-price guarantee.

We do AC maintenance, repair, and installation. Our company even offers 24/7 support – including weekends, and holidays. Get in touch today if you need a Sarasota AC company for your HVAC issues.

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